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3 Terrible Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

By Steven Pedersen



Ovarian cancer has a very dismal prognosis. However, if you are able to recognize the top 3 terrible ovarian cancer symptoms early on, you might have a better chance of surviving. But don't get completely mislead, as the top 3 terrible ovarian cancer symptoms are not necessarily 'terrible'. Yes, they denote that you have a horrifying disease, but in and of themselves they are not much worse than symptoms associated with less serious diseases. Yet, they definitely should not be overlooked, especially if they persist over a long period of time. This article will discuss the top 3 terrible ovarian cancer symptoms including: abdominal problems, incontinence and dyspareunia.

The first symptom of the top 3 ovarian cancer symptoms we are going to talk about involves problems within the abdominal region. This usually starts off with abdominal swelling. The swelling gets so bad that a woman may have trouble zipping up her jeans. She may think the underlying issue is weight gain, but many times it isn't, especially if the woman has been eating normally. Additionally, a woman may have digestive problems to accompany her swollen belly. These digestive problems could include nausea, indigestion or abnormal bowel habits.

The next symptom on the list is incontinence. This is when a woman is not able to urinate normally. She may have the psychological urge to urinate too much, even if she can't do so physically. She may also leak urine. Granted, a urinary tract infection could also cause incontinence, but a woman won't know for sure unless she goes to the doctor. If the incontinence is caused by a urinary tract infection, the problem should clear up after the woman is given antibiotics. If it isn't, and age isn't a factor, she could definitely have ovarian cancer.

The final symptom we are going to talk about is dyspareunia. What is dyspareunia? In layman's terms it is defined as painful sexual intercourse. This is one of the few early symptoms of ovarian cancer that actually affects the reproductive region. However, some women have painful intercourse and are healthy. They may attribute their sexual dysfunction due to not being in the mood, or maybe not being lubricated enough. Yet, if the problem occurs over time and a woman has experienced the other symptoms featured in this article, she should get herself checked out.

In conclusion, the 3 main ovarian cancer symptoms are: abdominal problems, incontinence and dyspareunia. All of these symptoms can easily be mistaken for other conditions, even by medical professionals, but hopefully if a woman goes to the doctor enough, they should be able to pinpoint the true cause. And if this cause is ovarian cancer, at least the woman had the advantage of getting it noticed early. This doesn't mean she won't have to struggle for her life, but at least she has a greater chance in that struggle. Ultimately, if any of the 3 terrible ovarian cancer symptoms apply to you, don't hope they'll go away. Get a medical exam as soon as possible.

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