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Living with Ovarian Cancer

By Steven Pedersen



Living with ovarian cancer can be very tough on a woman. Even if she gets her cancer diagnosed early, the treatment process itself can produce complications that can make her life miserable. For example, chemotherapy is known to make people sick, while surgery carries with it a lot of pain. But at least these options will bring about long-term survival, when they are used with ovarian cancer in its beginning stages. Yet, what about women who are living with ovarian cancer that has progressed to something much worse? They suffer both the complications of treatment and the fact that their chances of living long aren't very high.

With that being said, what's the best way to go about living with ovarian cancer? Well, first a woman should network with other women who are also living with ovarian cancer. These women can be found on ovarian cancer message boards and/or at ovarian cancer support groups. Sometimes you can contact people who are part of these groups as they are often in a similar situation as you.

Secondly, you should consider going to clinical trials. These are research studies in which new drugs or other ovarian cancer therapies are tested. Granted, there's no guarantee that such things will stop your ovarian cancer, but it at least gives you some form of hope. You are also providing invaluable research data for scientists who are looking to see what will kill the cancer tumors and what won't. Even if the treatment can't save your life, perhaps through your participation researchers can gain the knowledge they need to form future treatments that could save the lives of other women.

Finally, when you are living with ovarian cancer, you should find a way to develop your spiritual side. This doesn't necessarily equate to being religious, though if you are religious it doesn't hurt to hold on to it even more. But with true spirituality, you are looking at things on a level higher than obeying commandments or even seeking 'heaven'. With true spirituality you are looking at your existence in relation to the overall universe and God. Even atheists can become more spiritual, by partaking in the things of life that bring an ethereal sense of joy. For example, going camping and enjoying the beauty of nature is one way of increasing a person's spirituality. Embarking on your own personal talents, such as painting or writing is another way you can get in touch with your spirituality.

In conclusion, you do not have an easy road ahead when you are living with ovarian cancer. However, you can make life more bearable by: talking about your disease with other women who also have it, partaking in clinical trials and developing a deeper sense of spirituality in spite of living with ovarian cancer. These things won't make your cancer go away, but they may help you find more comfort as you go through each day.

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