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Natural Cancer Treatments E-book

Chemotherapy, by its very nature, is a harsh and very toxic treatment. I did go through chemo myself at the recommendation of my oncologist, although I was very concerned and apprehensive about basically pouring poison into my system. But sometimes it is necessary, and if you choose also to go this route you will find complementary therapies here in this book to go right along with chemo. If you have an early stage where chemo is withheld, or you just choose to forego chemo...I recommend educating yourself about all the options including natural and nontoxic alternative therapies and natural cancer remedies. These are safe plant- and herb-based therapies that anyone can try.

Whether you have gone through chemo or not, this ebook will offer some help and insight for you. It contains more than 350 drug-free alternative cancer treatments, many testimonials (very uplifting and encouraging), and also some natural therapies to try along with chemo if you go that route.

Natural Cancer Treatments Ebook


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