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Ovarian Cancer Bracelets

By Eddie Tobey



Ovarian cancer is deadly and has a very high mortality rate. It is a disease, which affects the ovaries initially and then spreads to the pelvic area. Surgery and chemotherapy are the only treatments that work in the initial stages.

Bracelets are accessories worn on the wrist. They could be a fashion statement, but can also serve a bigger cause when worn to symbolize a cause and to show solidarity. There are a variety of causes, including deadly diseases such as AIDS and cystic fibrosis that are supported by people the world over.

Ovarian cancer awareness bracelets are made of various materials such as sterling silver pieces and Swarovski crystals. They are endorsed with a ribbon charm and closed with a sterling silver toggle. They come in different designs, colors and sizes. Some bracelets feature encouraging phrases such as 'Cure Ovarian Cancer' and 'Together we shall survive.' These lovely bracelets are marketed in lattice bags and tied with ribbon. The fight for ovarian cancer awareness is represented by the teal fiber optic beads. The crystals signify the fight for survival and the ordeal of the patient. It is with a lot of pride that the supporter wears the bracelet.

A percentage of the income from the sale of every ovarian cancer awareness bracelet is given to recognized charities to support their awareness and services provided to patients suffering from the dreaded disease. Wearing these bracelets raises awareness of the disease. The charities try to provide monetary assistance to the ovarian cancer patients by trying to meet their daily living and medical needs. Along with spreading awareness and raising required funds, these bracelets help people understand the implication of the dreaded disease. The awareness efforts are promoted and supported by various welfare groups and charities that are operative worldwide.

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