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Preventing Ovarian Cancer

By Jeanette Pollock



There are ways to reduce your risk factors for ovarian cancer. You may want to consider looking into the research and finding a good strategy that works for you. The following are a few ideas on prevention tactics you might want to add to your life so you can reduce your risk of developing ovarian cancer.

The easiest way to reduce your chance of ovarian cancer is to take oral contraceptives or birth control pills. Studies have found that these medicines have reduced the risks of ovarian cancer by over fifty percent for women who have taken them for three or more years. Those who have undergone genetic screening and have found that they have mutations of the genes that cause ovarian cancer may also get additional benefits but more study by doctors is needed to confirm this.

Another option is the tying of the fallopian tubes. This option can help significantly reduce your risks of ovarian cancer by two-thirds, that’s sixty-six percent. This is also a good option for those women who are sure they don’t want kids anymore.

Some studies have shown that hysterectomies will also decrease the risk of ovarian cancer. However, it is not recommend to have this procedure done unless that is a good medical reason to do so. If a woman has already been through menopause or is nearing menopause then it may be a good idea to have the ovaries removed through a hysterectomy.

In addition, those who have more than one child and breast feed them for more than one year have been found to have a reduced risk of developing ovarian cancer.

However, no matter what it is always best to discuss the issues of ovarian cancer prevention with you doctor. They will be able to provide you with screening and a strategic plan to help reduce your risks of ovarian cancer. However, before speaking to your doctor it is a good idea to know your options so you can have time to think over what you would like to do.

Jeanette Pollock is a freelance author and website owner of ovariancancerdomain.com. Visit Jeanette's site to learn more about ovarian cancer prevention.


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