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Raising Ovarian Cancer Awareness

By Steven Pedersen



Even though September is the 'official' month for ovarian cancer awareness, women of all ages need to be known about the disease. That's right... women of all ages. Why would ovarian cancer awareness matter for women who are not at the age for which there is a greater risk for getting the disease? Well, first of all there are pre-menopausal women who get ovarian cancer, though such a situation is not as common. Secondly, with proper ovarian cancer awareness, a young woman can make lifestyle choices that may help decrease her chances of getting the disease later on in the future.

So, what are some issues that should be of concern when it comes to ovarian cancer awareness? Well, the first element to proper ovarian cancer awareness involves the preventative measures a woman can take to reduce the her risk of developing the condition. These preventative measures include: having babies in one's 20s, breastfeeding, taking birth control pills, avoiding talcum powder both on oneself and when changing a baby's diaper and eating a healthy diet with a limited number of saturated fats and dairy products. Women who are at greater risk can also consider getting their ovaries removed or getting a hysterectomy when they get elderly.

The next are of concern when it comes to ovarian cancer awareness involves educating women of the symptoms associated with the condition. These symptoms involve urinary incontinence and abdominal pain in the disease's very early stages. As it progresses these symptoms will become worse and may be accompanied by other symptoms such as increased abdominal girth, digestive problems, post-menopausal bleeding and painful sex. By knowing these symptoms, (which tend to be mistaken for other less serious conditions), women can at least consider the possibility that they may be suffering from ovarian cancer.

The final element of ovarian cancer awareness should involve giving a voice to the women that do have the disease. Too often in ovarian cancer awareness campaigns so much emphasis is placed on preventing the disease or even diagnosing the disease that the women who actually have the condition are forgotten. These women should be encouraged to speak about their condition, so other women who have it can develop strategies for which they can better deal with living with such a deadly illness.

So, how can a woman increase ovarian cancer awareness? She can make a donation to any ovarian cancer awareness causes as well as participate in any fundraisers such organizations might be having. A common fundraiser could be a walkathon. Additionally, women who already have ovarian cancer can increase awareness by writing about their condition on message boards or on networks that accept articles from individuals. She can also consider starting a website or a blog about her condition, so the world can know that even if you are unfortunate enough to get the disease, it doesn't mean your life has to end. All in all if ovarian cancer awareness is going to be successful, both ovarian cancer sufferers and women who are not at risk need to find ways to contribute to such causes.

You can learn more about ovarian cancer as well as the symptoms of ovarian cancer on my website http://www.OvarianCancerPrognosis.net My website includes a whole range of articles focusing on the problems caused by ovarian cancer, treatments and of course what you should do if you think you have ovarian cancer.


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