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Recommended Books

(All kinds!)



I must confess to being a bookaholic.

I just love books and have been a reader since I was around 3 years old. I normally read 50 books a year and enjoy mostly fiction but also some nonfiction occasionally as well. In 2006 when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer I think that was the first year I read less than 50 books in a long time. I did find some helpful books, with the books on water by Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj being one of the most important books I feel I have ever read. (Don't worry, there won't be a test on that name spelling!) But also I have read a lot of novels that were just plain excellent books.

Reading can definitely take you away from your troubles and transport you to another world, so I am taking the time to list below some of the important and informative books I have found, and also some of the best novels I have read. I hope you too will enjoy them.


Water For Health, For Healing, For Life...You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty!

I ran across this book by Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj after I finished chemo, and I wish I had found it many years ago. I think this is an extremely important book for everyone, and not just cancer patients. I believe the information to be invaluable, and you should read this and give as a gift to everyone you know. My last copy was just taken by a visiting relative, and I am ordering more myself. I just can't stress how important it is to drink the right amount of water for your weight. Dehydration causes many many illnesses and diseases (including cancer), and it is so simple to alleviate. I never drank water before, not to any extent, and I just wonder how many health problems I could have avoided if I had read this book earlier. Since reading this book I have been drinking the amount of water my body needs and I have noticed, in addition to just feeling overall much better, my allergies I had been suffering with for YEARS have totally cleared up.

I truly believe this is one of the major steps you can take to be proactive and, if you have had a diagnosis of cancer (or even any other disease such as MS, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc), keep it from returning.

Do read it, I feel this book is worth its weight in gold.

I'd Rather Do Chemo Than Clean Out The Garage

My friend, wonderful person that she is, ran out and bought me some books as soon as she found out I had to have chemo. This was one of the first ones I read, and its lighthearted look at a serious subject was a great escape. I definitely recommend this book, I'd Rather Do Chemo Then Clean Out The Garage, by Fran Di Giaccomo, if you are needing a pick-me-up.

Chemotherapy and Radiation for Dummies

chemotherapy and radiation for dummies Well my friend was at it again! In addition to the book above, this was one of the other books she brought over for me. While this is not as lighthearted and amusing as the other book, it is optimistic, and also really informative and invaluable as well as it does give lots of good info about how chemotherapy and radiation actually work and what to expect. It also talks about side effects and how to cope with them. I didn't have radiation but there was still plenty of information to make this a good addition to your library.

Third Degree

Okay now for some fiction! I just love novels because they can take you away from your problems of everyday life.

I just finished this book and it was excellent, so I want to include it here in my recommended books section. I've read others of Greg Iles and have loved them all, but it's been a while since I've read them. This one keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the book, you are kept guessing on what is going to happen next. Great book! One of the best thrillers I've read recently.

third degree | greg iles

The Time Traveler's Wife

The time travelers wife Right before I finished Third Degree (above), I read this book by Audrey Niffenegger. Yes, I know this book has been out a while and considering I've been a fan of Time Travel for as long as I can remember, plus of course I am a fan of romance, I find it hard to believe I JUST read this book! Wow, it was so good. I must warn you that if you don't exactly understand what's happening in the first few chapters, just push through because it's worth it. It's one of those books that you keep thinking about even after you're done reading. I plan to read it again but my friend came over and borrowed it from me right after I got done reading, so I think I may just buy another copy. Excellent book! Really great.


Yes this is another oldie but goodie, but I MUST include this book here because oh, how I love this book! I can't imagine how many times I have read it. If you are a dog lover, you must do yourself a favor and read it. If you've never read Dean Koontz you are probably saying, "Isn't he one of those HORROR writers?!" Some people might say so but he is an awesome writer, and he is a DOG LOVER. Golden retrievers especially. I truly love this book and I can't really imagine anyone not. His characters are so engaging, you can't help but cheer for them. Highly highly recommend! And I am not going to list this one separately but if you have not read Lightning, also by Dean Koontz, oh you just must read it! I don't even know how many books this guy has written (a lot!), but of them all these two have always been my favorite. In fact, I think they are my 2 favorite books of all time!

watchers | dean koontz

The Hard Way

I've listed The Hard Way here by Lee Child, but if you have never read any of his books you should start at the beginning with Killing Floor. Lee Child has created a character named Jack Reacher, and all of his novels feature this character. You will absolutely fall in love with this guy. Previous to reading Killing Floor, I maintained that I did NOT like continuing-character books. I felt they just got boring after a while reading about the same character. I mean, how much stuff can they really rehash over and over? Well, I was hooked from the first book and I have read all the Jack Reacher novels and I really hope he never stops writing them! These are all excellent books, GREAT characters (especially Jack Reacher of course), just great thrillers and plot lines. Great great books. Definitely give this author a try if you have not. You can start with any book but my recommendation would be to go to the beginning with Killing Floor.

lee child | the hard way

Jewels of the Sun Trilogy by Nora Roberts

jewels of the sun | nora roberts tears of the moon | nora roberts heart of the sea | nora roberts

I have read MANY of Nora Roberts's books (and she is a very prolific writer), and these 3 are my favorites by a mile! That is not to say her other books are not any good, just that I love and adore this trilogy. First of all, they are set in Ireland, and she is so wonderful and describing a scene. You feel as if you are there, and when you finish reading you WANT to be there. After reading this series I decided I wanted to take a trip to Ireland. Haven't made it yet but I still plan to one of these days. These books are about the Gallaghers: Aidan, Shawn, and Darcy. I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed in any of these 3 so if you're looking for a really good book pick up Jewels of the Sun (first in the triology) and I am sure you'll soon be ordering the other two. Happy reading!


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