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Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

By Eddie Tobey



Ovarian cancer is a gynecologic sarcoma, which is second most frequently diagnosed. In the United States, females have a 1.4 % to 2.5 % chance of developing ovarian cancer. The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO), has standardized the staging of gynecological cancers. It is the most frequently used prognostic tool. Both surgical and pathological findings are taken into account. The cancer is staged according to whether it is still in the ovary or spread beyond.

Staging is generally done at the time of surgery. Samples of tissues are taken from various parts of the pelvis and abdomen and studied under intense observation. Staging is very important because the prognosis or the course of action to be taken varies at different stages in case of any cancer. It is important that the staging is accurate. It is possible to miss the spread of the ovarian cancer outside the ovary if it is not staged properly.

Stage IV is the last category of the stages of ovarian cancer. Patients in this stage typically exhibit parenchymal liver metastases and extra-abdominal metastases. Thirteen percent of patients alive are in stage IV. The most common areas where the cancer spreads are generally the liver and lungs. One-third of all ovarian cancer patients have pleural effusions and most of them contain malignant cells. The spleen also gets affected may require splenectomy. Only 0.1% of patients show metastases of the brain.

If the tumor is widespread, treatment begins with surgery, which may include total hysterectomy, followed by chemotherapy. If some tumor remnant is left after chemotherapy, further forms of chemotherapy may be needed. It is important for a patient to find out about the staging procedure and the stage. In this way the patient will and can take part in making vital decisions about the required treatment.

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