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Wigs and Headcovers

(not my favorite subject!)



Well this is not my favorite subject, but if you have to go through chemotherapy or are already undergoing treatment, it is possible you will lose your hair. Frankly, that was the most horrible thing about it all for me. I heard, "You will lose all your hair," and nothing else sank in, I just kept hearing that one sentence. I was actually more terrified of losing my hair than anything else, not that any of it was pleasant.

I actually ended up ordering from several different places including headcovers.com which was one of my favorites. None of it was of course like having your own hair, but they do have some cool things there.

My best advice is just look over the different sites online and see what's available. I bought one wig for around 100 bucks and only wore it once. I truly hated it because I had bought something close (or what I thought was close) to my own hair, but it wasn't like my hair at all. The best thing, I think, is to try and get something totally different from your natural hair. That way you aren't constantly comparing it to your hair. I pretty much just wore caps and scarf-type things.

You can also get a free wig from the American Cancer Society if you wish. They have a great selection at the office near me and you can try them on. I found a good one that I really liked, and so when I felt like it I wore that one. The one I paid $100 for just sat in my closet.


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